Summer Season Finals

St John's Club, Luton 09/07/2017
Registration: 13:00 to 14:15
Start: 14:30

League Results

Name Weighted
Emma Shekle 9600
Gary Murray 7900
Gabriel Dragan 7400
Tim Riley 7300
Steve Jepp 7100
Glynis Boyce 7000
Lorraine 6800
Suzanne Gleeson 6600
Lee Arnold 6200
John Hand 6100
Vince Ferrante 6000
Hetal Mahida 5800
Roy Boxall 5600
Pat Moloney 5300
Colin Smith 5300
Kev Cannon 5200
Pete Cameron 5000
Dean Challenger 5000
Gary Morfett 5000
Liam McGarry 5000
Jim Hardisty 4900
Paul Moloney 4900
Pete Murray 4900
Roxanne Hughes 4800
Liam Reading 4700
Trish Louden 4700
Paul Dodd 4500
Bernard 4400
Claire Shekle 4400
Kelly Smith 4400
Eddie Lewis 4300
Steve Blackwell 4200
Lol Hutton 4100
Ross Harvey 4000
Adam Harris 3900
Loraine Razey 3900
Lee Davis 3900
Caroline 3900
Craig Miles 3800
Sam Milford 3800
Graham Bartle 3800
Betty Smith 3800
James Smith 3700
Martin Willis 3700
Jaydeen Macken 3400
Ken Edge 3400
Scott Reading 3400
Leon Crowder 3300
Aaron Trokke 3300
Elina Apse 3200
Rhys Sheckle 3100
Paul 2900
Derrick Smith 2900
Mike Doyle 2800
Alan Jones 2800
Lauran Ford 2700
Karen Mead 2700
Sasha Gibbins 2600
Natalie Hughes 2600
Steve Redhead 2600
Nick White 2500
Ian Lovering 2400
Stuetina Hawkins 2400
Brian Frazer 2400
Spencer Scott 2300
Rory 2300
Danny Lismore 2300
Daniel Wilfort 2100
Patsy Smith 2100
Tony Clark 2000
Unregistered Player 1900
Paul Graves 1900
Mike Parr 1700
Britney Holdworh 1600
Robin Bruce 1500
Kimberley 1500
Ted 1400
Jamie Lane 1400
Kev 1300
Paul Ibbotson 1300
Tony Mc 1300
Tom Hockaday 1100
Chris Larkin 1100
Britney Caldwell 1100
Jack Wilfort 1000
Wendy O carroll 900
Mo Endres 900
A Hearn 700
Shaun 700
Les Medford 700
James Mystic 700
George Murdoch 700
Paul Lumley 700
Henry Allan 700
Sandy Shekle 700
Gavin Hines 600
Dan Elmore 600
Jay Allen 600
Ann Smith 600
Florin Calaroi 500
Dan Edney 500
John Yeldham 500
Kevin 500
Evans Akoneah 500
Neil Newland 400
Geoff Steele 400
Pete Crawley 400
Smiley 400
John Manners 400
Andy Vass 400
Ovi T romainian 300
Ovidiu St Johns 300
Tony Macavoy 300
Tom Sutch 300
Lisa Cameron 300
Dan 300
Daniel Flynn 300
Avideu 300
Michael Donohoe 200
Dave Taberner 200
Matt Smith 200
Gary Baxter 100
Laura Hale 100
Robie Mccalum 100
Mark Squires 100
Phil W 100
Ivan Hawkins 100
Bogdan 100
Kevin Hancock 100
Scott Jackson 100
Mark Hanley 100
Ryan Salmon 100
Henry Steele 100
Will Little 100
James Jones 100
John Musty 100
Fra McCann 100
Paul (Bubbles) Williams 100
Lewis Chandler 100
Graham Smith 100


GB Poker Club - House Rules

All games played are Texas Hold'em No Limit Poker.

Each venue hosts a cash buy-in tournament with an entry fee of £3 per player. In games of fewer than 20 players there is also one optional £2 rebuy or add-on. With games of 21-25 players there is an optional £1 rebuy or add-on and no rebuy in games of 26 players or above. All players start with 2,500 chips and the rebuy is worth a further 2,000 chips if the rebuy is £2 or 1,000 chips if the rebuy is £1, this can be taken when you are either below 1,000 chips but not in a hand or at the first break. You must take your rebuy straight away if you have lost all your chips or you will be knocked out.

Players can register up to 1 hour after the start time as long as no more than one player for each table in play has been knocked out. i.e. If there are 12 people at the start of the game meaning two tables in play then so long as no more than 2 players have been knocked out the new player can come in.

Players in these tournaments will score points for finishing in the top 8, to find out more information about how the points are scored click on the Rules tab and Calculating Points. Cash prizes will also be awarded to the top players and one cash prize is available for each table in play (1 prize for up to 8 players, 2 prizes for 9-16 players, 3 prizes for 17-24 players etc.)

GB Poker Club does not profit in any way from the entry fees taken from players. All money taken on the night is returned by way of prize money on that night.

The GB Poker Club runs four league seasons per year each lasting 13 weeks. The winner of the Season League is the player with the highest number of Finals Chips as shown on the Results tab under Player Leaderboard. If there is a tie between the top two players then it will be based on the highest number of Weighted Venue Points and then Venue Points. The season league winner will automatically gain a seat to the yearly Grand Final and win a personalised glass Season Winners Trophy.

The GB Poker Club runs four Season Finals each year as well as an annual Qualifier and Grand Final. All these events are held at the G Casino, 35 Park Street West, Luton, LU1 3BE and all games are played on a Sunday and start at 2.30pm.

All players no matter where they qualify are invited to attend the Season Finals as long as they have played at least 1 game during that season. Each season final will be a guaranteed minimum £500 pay-out tournament with a £6+£2 buy-in. The winner of the season final will win a guaranteed minimum of £200, a seat into the Grand Final, a personalised Glass Season Champion Trophy, and a £110 buy-in to a G-Casino tournament.

Players can also qualify for a yearly Qualifier and Grand Final, for more information on how to qualify for these events click on the link below.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.