Autumn Season Finals

TBC 08/09/2017
Registration: 13:00 to 14:15
Start: 14:30

League Results

Name Weighted
Zus Sadique 4800
Paul Moloney 3900
Claire Shekle 3000
Liam Reading 2900
Patrick Doherty 2800
Tom Hockaday 2800
Kev Cannon 2600
John Hand 2500
Rhys Sheckle 2100
Lorraine 2000
Pete Murray 2000
Mike Reading 1900
Vince Ferrante 1900
Nick White 1900
Colin Smith 1900
James Smith 1800
Lee Arnold 1800
Gary Murray 1800
Steve Redhead 1800
Dan Elmore 1700
Pete Crawley 1700
Kelly Smith 1700
Craig Miles 1600
Lisa Cameron 1600
Roxanne Hughes 1600
Bernard 1500
Danny Lismore 1500
Betty Smith 1400
Brian Frazer 1400
Pat Moloney 1400
Rory 1400
Eddie Lewis 1300
Robin Bruce 1300
Gary Morfett 1300
Sasha Gibbins 1300
Adam Harris 1300
John Yeldham 1200
Paul Dodd 1200
Ted 1200
Karen Mead 1200
Derrick Smith 1100
Mike Doyle 1100
Tony Clark 1100
Roy Boxall 1000
Ken Edge 1000
Paul Graves 1000
Alan Jones 1000
Tim Riley 1000
Alex Finnie 1000
Paul 1000
Graham Bartle 900
Liam McGarry 900
Patsy Smith 900
Smiley 900
Natalie Hughes 900
Scott Jackson 900
Lol Hutton 800
Lea Garner 800
Stuetina Hawkins 700
Kieran Kearns 700
Wayne Polson 700
Emma Shekle 700
Aaron Trokke 700
Jamie Lane 700
Dean Challenger 700
Lauran Ford 700
Steve Blackwell 600
David Tilcock 600
Matt Smith 500
Trish Louden 500
Martin Willis 500
Caroline 500
Grant Mitchell 500
Britney Holdworh 500
Jaydeen Macken 500
Jennifer Moloney 500
Will Little 500
Michael Donohoe 500
Hetal Mahida 400
Jim Hardisty 400
Ross Harvey 400
Alison Rogers 400
Leon Crowder 400
Jason Oodian 400
Glynis Boyce 400
Lee Davis 400
Keith 300
Mike Parr 300
Kev 300
Scott Reading 300
Mo Endres 300
Suzanne Gleeson 300
Elina Apse 300
Loraine Razey 300
Pete Cameron 300
Edwina 200
Kimberley 200
James Mystic 200
Ann Smith 200
Jay Allen 200
Spencer Scott 200
Britney Caldwell 200
Dave Lagar 200
Matt Freeman 200
Sam Milford 100
Phil W 100
Ian Lovering 100
Steve Jepp 100


GB Poker Club - Points System

Top 8 players on the night get awarded points as follows:

Points Available
Finishing Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Points Earned 40 32 24 20 16 12 8 4

9th down all get 2 points, and everyone can earn 1 bonus point for registering on time and another 1 bonus point for bringing or memorizing their membership number.

The Points are added to the database when the results are recorded.

When you look at the Player Leaderboard the web site gathers all the data. First it takes every recorded result between the season start and end dates, it then groups those by player, and then for each player it groups them by venue.

That gives us a final Point tally for every player at every venue they played in, it also gives us the numbers needed to calculate the average number of players at each venue and across the league as a whole.

The Points from your best venue are then multiplied by the sum of that venue's average and the overall average, to give you your Weighted Points

eg: You score 270 points in venue A and 320 points in venue B. Venue A has an average of 10.4 players and venue B has an average of 19.2 players.
The overall average is therefore 14.8 (10.4+19.2 รท 2 = 14.8).

So your best venue (B) has it's Points converted to Weighted Points like this:
320 x (19.2 + 14.8) = 10,880

You then get awarded an additional 100 points for EVERY game you've played across all venues, so lets say you played 11 games at 'A' and 13 games at 'B', that would give you:

(11 + 13) x 100 = 2400

This is then added to your weighted Points:

10880 + 2400 = 13,280

Then rounded up to the nearest 100, so your starting stack will be 13,280 rounded up to 13,300 chips.

But because we want everyone to have a good game we add another 2500 chips to everyones stack to make sure we get a good deepstacked game. So you actually end up with:

13,300 + 2,500 = 15,800 chips to start the finals!!!

There are a couple of things to be aware of, if you finish ahead of a friend in a venue that is their main venue but not your main venue, you will only see the bonus 100 chips added whilst they will see the 100 plus their finishing position points etc.

Secondly, the averages change throughout the season especially in the first few weeks, this does affect the stacks throughout the season as the calculation is done live every time it is viewed. It's for that reason that the offical starting stacks are only announced after the last game of the season has been played, as a drastic change in the turn out of that game could be enough to change the average and potentially therefore every other players stack.

If you go to the Player Leaderboard and hover your mouse over the column headers of the table a pop up will appear explaining how that column is calculated.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.